Hello Class 6179

Hello my classmates of Course 6179.  I am excited to begin another course and look forward to getting to know each of you better.  Some of you have been in my classes prior to this one, while others I may not know.  This class is a great way to prepare all of us to become … More Hello Class 6179

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are an integral part of society as a whole.  Being able to incorporate them into learning can be very advantageous in the learning realm.  The days of paper and pencil only assignments are slowly going away with more and more assignments being presented via technology.  Finding ways to incorporate mobile devices such as … More Mobile Devices

Hello world!

This is my first post to my blog!!  I really like the phrase “Hello World”!  I look forward to blogging throughout this class!! My blog url is:  judyannjohnson8@wordpress.com One emerging technology that has the potential to enhance adult education is incorporating more social media into online classes.  Smartphones have the ability to do so many … More Hello world!