Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are an integral part of society as a whole.  Being able to incorporate them into learning can be very advantageous in the learning realm.  The days of paper and pencil only assignments are slowly going away with more and more assignments being presented via technology.  Finding ways to incorporate mobile devices such as smartphones and ipads can help both students and teachers.

Most people have some type of cellphone and the number of smartphones continues to grow.  Instead of complaining about students and their phones, there are many apps available for students to use them to increase their learning in the classrooms.  One site that has ways to incorporate the smartphones into learning is:  This article has ways for implementation through collaboration, communication, creation, and coordination. The chemistry teacher at my school uses smartphones in her classroom on a constant basis.  She uses different apps and students are able to choose an answer and it goes to her phone.  This is a good way to use smartphones into a classroom.  Being able to use them in online learning is also a great use of smartphones. In addition to using smartphones in class, she also has students set up on Moodle, an online discussion site as well as

Another mobile that is increasing in usage are ipads.  Ipads can be used in the place of a smartphone.  In fact, using an ipad is just a larger screen than the smartphone.  One site that benefits teachers is:  I liked the idea of using an ipad for attendance as well as using the Dropbox feature.  Ipads can be very expensive, but they are well worth their money.  There are apps which can be used by students as well as teachers.  Students can use ipads in various environments as long as they have an internet connection.  The site I chose for ipads is:  This site contains 102 ways to use ipads from pre-k to adults. Most of the ways can be adapted to adult learning.  Uses the components suggested can definitely enhance learning.  When I taught special needs students, we used many of the free aps that are available to help reinforce learning.  In addition, students can be read to as well as create their own storybook.  My grandson uses his ipad for an online learning site ABC Mouse.  The site is:  This site has many exciting ways to teach students their numbers, letters, words, as well as songs and puzzles.  He earns tickets for each activity he completes which he can spend to add to his online room, online fish tank, and online pet room.

Mobile devices are being used more and more each day.  Being able to incorporate them into learning benefits both the teacher and student. One device that is easily incorporated is smartphones.  Another one is using ipads.


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