Distance Learning Emerging Technologies

Distance learning continues to grow at record speed due to the flexibility of learning.  There are new technologies that continue to emerge with time.  One technology is videoconferencing.  Since students do not meet face to face, the need for social interaction is a must.  Students need to collaborate one with another to enhance their learning.  Another emerging technology is audioconferencing.  Students are not able to actually see their classmates, but they can hear their voices.

Videoconferencing is an emerging technology in which students are actually seeing their classmates.  Students can see their classmates as well as their body language.  The site that explains videoconferencing is  http://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/100451  As long as all parties have a webcam and a microphone, videoconferencing can enhance learning in the social realm.  Collaboration is possible with discussions and input via live mode.  I have not participated in videoconferencing, but I believe I will in the near future.  With the amount of money being cut from our parish’s budget, we will no longer be allowed to attend meeting for which we could use videoconferencing for.

Another technology which is emerging is audioconferencing.  In fact, this has increased in my job as well.  Instead of having to go to meetings, we now schedule audioconferences where the entire state can dial in and be a member of the congregation.  We are also able to listen to others who have questions as well as explaining issues.  Being able to pull up a power point and follow it with the facilitator makes it easier to understand what is being said.  The site which explains audioconferencing is https://www.giz.de/expertise/downloads/Fachexpertise/en-elearning-audioconferencing-in-support.pdf

There are a number of emerging technologies in distance learning. As my school cuts teachers, the need for more online learning is necessary.  Students need to be able to collaborate with one another to enhance their learning. In addition, the teachers and administrators have mandatory meeting which can be in the form of videoconferencing and audioconferencing.


Audioconferencing.  Retrieved from is https://www.giz.de/expertise/downloads/Fachexpertise/en-elearning-audioconferencing-in-support.pdf

Videoconferencing.  Retrieved from http://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/100451


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