Online Learning Games

Online learning games can provide the additional learning needed in order for a student to be successful.  Students are more involved and interested in their learning if they are able to use technology skills instead of the typical paper and pencil learning.  I have used various online learning games such as Jeopardy and the Smartboard Exchange site

One online game that can be incorporated into many different subject areas is Jeopardy.  My plans are to work with adult learners who are seeking to achieve their GED.  Since these students do not have the necessary to be successful within the traditional high school setting, providing supplemental ways for students to learn is a necessity.  The GED is on the computer with specific criteria to be met within the areas of English, Math, Science and Social Studies.  Using Jeopardy will provide a way for students to reinforce each subject.  The URL for the site is  In order for students to pass their GED, they must be on a high school level, and this site can be adapted as needed.  I have used Jeopardy with my special needs students for several years.  They get so excited when they know the answer.  I have used this individually as well as placing them in pairs.  Sometimes students need to be able to collaborate with their peers.

Another way to include online games is through the Smartboard Exchange.  Teachers have a wealth of online games which they can access through the exchange.  One site that I have used is instead of dissecting a real frog, there is a game in which students actually dissect a frog via technology.  The entire Smartboard can be used as an interactive learning model for both student and teacher.  I used the Smartboard on a daily basis at my last school.  Students have been able to complete activities and assignments.  Being able to download movie clips, movies, etc., helps bring education to life for the students.  Being able to have students work on the Smartboard was an awesome update from the chalkboard.  There are so many ways to incorporate both the Smartboard and the online games and activities which can be incorporated.  The site for the Smartboard Exchange is


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